Professional Traineeships in Europe through the Erasmus Center Consortium

On February 2012, five Polytechnic Institutes from the centre of the country joined together in order to participate in an european programme wich will enable the students to perform Traineeships abroad. During that year, 230 students did a Traineeship in companies all over Europe. Please listen to the statements made by João Queiró, Secretary of State of Higher Education, Maria João Cardoso, from the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra and José Couto, President of the Business Council of the Centre, about this event.


On the 27 and 28 of October 2014, in Bilbao, the Consortium Erasmus Centro has participated in the “European Conference on Higher Education: Traineeships & Mobility Consortia”, organized by the Spanish National Agency for the management of the Erasmus+ Programme.